K2 Coolers Help Marine Research Team

Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 02:41 pm

During my career as a marine ecologist, I have learned that certain things are necessary when I am out on my boat. My top three most important items to have aboard my research boat are my sunscreen, my equipment, and my K2 Cooler. Sometimes a field study can take an entire day from sun up to sun down, so making sure I am properly hydrated and fed is imperative to maintaining good health while performing my tasks. After doing some research I found that K2 Coolers were the most equipped ice chests on the market to do the job. I always constantly rave about how my K2 Coolers are the absolute best coolers to have as a marine biologist. When asked why they are the best, I always mention these following reasons.

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K2 Coolers – Perfect Size for a Research Boat

Although K2 Coolers come in a variety of different sizes, I found that the most fitting size for my marine boat is the K2 Summit 50 QT model. Having an adequate amount of space for mobility on my boat is important for being able to move my equipment around easily and make my away around the boat for various studies. I also need to ensure that I have enough room to properly store food and drinks to last myself (and any colleagues that are accompanying me) for an entire day. The K2 Summit 50 QT has enough room to fit 40 cans inside of it, which is plenty of space to populate the ice chest with all of the perishables needed to keep me going during a day’s work.

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K2 Coolers – Good Grip on Boat’s Surface

Spending 90 percent of my day on water causes me to be in contact with slippery surfaces often. Bringing equipment back and forth, as well as encountering waves which can cause the research boat to rock back and forth and cause anything on the boat to be at risk of going overboard. Finding a cooler that is secured on the boat is a top priority and K2 Coolers definitely go above and beyond what it is expected of a cooler when it comes to staying put on even the most unstable surfaces. K2 Cooler’s SUREgrip™ rubber feet create a massive friction that allows my cooler to stay still even during violent storms! In addition to the reliable SUREgrip™ technology, K2 Coolers also have the option of mounting, which comes in handy during particularly turbulent excursions. Their HOLDtight™ anchoring points are located on adjacent sides of your K2 Coolers and are extremely sturdy and dependable.

K2 Coolers Ice Retention

Obviously, the most important component of a cooler is how well it can maintain ice, so your perishables are fresh for a long period of time. K2 Coolers use a fusion of different technologies to ensure that these ice chests are one of the best on the market when it comes down to retaining ice. K2 uses premium insulation that is created through the tough roto-mold construction method. Their patented SNOWblown™ insulation uses its thickness and pressure injections to keep ice frozen for days on end. Ice retention also depends on how efficient your cooler’s closing mechanisms are. K2 has ICEvault™ gasket and the LOCKaway™ design of the strong lid which deflects the heat trying to come in and traps in the cold that are already inside. Sometimes my ecosystem studies can last somewhere from 3-5 days, but amazingly even by the end of my trip my K2 Cooler still manages to have ice inside of it!

When I’m not working, I have found that my K2 Cooler is also perfect for tailgating. My friends are always envious of my cooler and ask me where I got it from.


K2 Coolers Bottom Line

At the end of the day, I have tried a lot of coolers to bring along during trips throughout my career, but no cooler has the high-quality performance, mobility, and reliability of my K2 Summit. Through my suggestions and trying it out themselves many of my marine research colleagues have become a part of the K2 family. It is almost rare to see a research boat around here that doesn’t have a K2 strapped onto it!

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